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Our Midwives

The Certified Nurse Midwives at Lone Star OB/GYN Associates see patients daily and provide gynecological and midwifery care of healthy women. All of our nurse-midwives have a master's degree in nursing, public health, or midwifery.
Our nurse-midwives deliver babies exclusively at St. Luke's Baptist Hospital. They provide care to women from puberty through menopause and are able to prescribe medications. Our nurse-midwives work closely with the Lone Star OB/GYN physicians, who provide consultation and assistance to patients who develop complications. Often, women with high-risk pregnancies can receive the benefits of midwifery care from a nurse-midwife in collaboration with a physician.
To learn more about our midwives and to get answers to some frequently asked questions, visit their website at
Amy Bible, CNM, M.S.N.
Lauren Guehl, CNM, M.S.N.
Erin Schleicher, CNM, M.S.N.
Kim Morphet, CNM, M.S.N.
Megan Brister, CNM, M.S.N.
Support Staff
"I have been working at Lone Star OBGYN Associates since June 1, 1999. Lone Star has been a second home and family to me. I have seen a lot of my co-worker's children grow into adulthood and they have also seen my children grow and become parents. My greatest joy has been seeing my grandchildren being delivered by the Midwives, whom I happen to work for. I take great pride in working for such wonderful and caring midwives and physicians because I know that every patient they see is important to them."
"I've been with the Lone Star midwives since 2010. I was thankful to have delivered my 3 children with the midwives and given the opportunity to work with these great women. The experiences that I have learned from the midwives has been a great advantage for me."
"I work with Lone Star's nurse midwives. I have been with them for one year. My experience here with them has been very enjoyable. The midwives are very kind and are amazing teachers. I am very grateful for all they have taught me."
I have worked for the Lone Star Midwives for 11 years as their top receptionist. I have grown so much with them and I love that I had a chance to experience the births of my two grandsons with them. It was the BEST experience ever!!! I would not have had it any other way. The reason why I have been here for 11 years at Lone Star is because we are a family. We are not just a body in a chair, we are united and that's one of the main qualities that makes Lone Star shine. For that reason I have the please of working side-by-side with all my 'sisters' here at Lone Star!!!!